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Sunday 21st of January 2018

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Good Health [Practical Issues]

Meningocaoccal A, C, W135 and Y is obligatory
GP will give you advice on other vaccinations
Hajji Flu:

Everyone gets it.
Can be severe or light – best to have the Flu jab before going on Hajj
Be Prepared!

Hydration:Very important to drink enough fluids
Water, preferably Zam Zam, rather than fizzy drinks (Yoghurt drink)
Diet:Be careful where you eat from
Fresh fruit & fruit juices
Footwear:The need for good comfortable, sensible footwear cannot be overemphasised

can cause a problem if not treated promptly
Sore feet from walking on hard marble – suggest slipper socks for women
Brothers - sound good sandals please to perform the Hajj (preferably of the Eco type or a good pair from Clarks shoe store – alternatively a pair of Crocks). Only use flip flops if you are very accustomed to wearing them since you will be doing more walking than usual.
Sisters – good walking sandals or walking shoes as you will be doing more walking than usual.
Preferable that you use old sandals/shoes you are accustomed to wearing Soreness from rubbing ‘skin on skin’ in heat (eg inner thighs) – use Vaseline
You can delay your period for a time by using Norethrestrone. Speak to your GP and get full advice on how and when to use it.